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We Have Sampled Every Taco at Taco Bell, and This One Is the Best

    Even though the brand is best known for its tacos, Taco Bell’s menu has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, propelling it to the number four spot on the list of most popular fast food restaurants in the United States.

    On the menu, you can now get tacos, which now include Gorditas and Chalupas, as well as a wide variety of burritos, quesadillas, nachos, Crunchwraps, and even one-off special concoctions like the Taco Pizza!

    In an effort to get down to the fundamentals, we sampled each taco offered at the restaurant to discover which one has the finest flavor. We tried 10 unique tacos, none of which had any additional sauces or spices (Taco Bell has a wide variety of these), and for the sake of consistency, we chose the spicy beef version of each taco (although they also offer chicken, steak, and vegetarian alternatives).

    We ate the taco exactly as it was presented to us without making any modifications to the menu. The tacos were graded on both their presentation and their overall flavor.

    1. Soft Taco

    We Have Sampled Every Taco at Taco Bell, and This One Is the Best

    Sorry soft taco, but when it comes to the overall experience of eating, this time-honored dish ranked dead bottom. The uncooked tortilla paired with the solid cheese was a recipe for disaster all around. This taco failed to impress the tasters since it contained an excessive amount of lettuce, and they commented that it was messy because the tortilla broke apart.

    2. Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch

    In general, the Gorditas were hampered by an excessive amount of dough. The interior crunchy taco wasn’t able to offer the outer flatbread shell much support since the flatbread shell was too thick. One of the tasters mentioned that in order to experience any flavor, she had to push all of the ingredients of the taco to the bottom of the tortilla.

    The flavorful layer of cheese that was supposed to be sandwiched between the crispy taco and the flatbread was insufficient. The flatbread’s “doughy” texture overpowered the Doritos flavor, making it a pretty lackluster experience overall. Although it appeared to be substantial, it turned out to be basically simply dough.

    3. Crunchy Taco

    We Have Sampled Every Taco at Taco Bell, and This One Is the Best

    The crunchy taco did marginally better than the soft taco, but the difference was not significant. These tacos have the same authentic flavor as tacos made from an Ortego taco kit, plus they only have 170 calories each, so you can enjoy quite a few of them without gaining too much weight.

    The worst thing about them was how readily they fell apart, which turned a lunch that could be carried effortlessly into a chaotic mess. Tasters described them as having a “fast foody” flavor, having a “droopy” appearance, and being “unmemorable.” These would benefit from a healthy dose of hot sauce, but on the whole, they were unimpressive.

    4. Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco Supreme

    Despite the fact that these tacos had a remarkable appearance because of the vivid orange hue of the Nacho Cheese Doritos, sadly, this taco did not deliver. Tasters commented that they “expected more from the looks” of the product but were disappointed to find that the flavor was not significantly different from that of a traditional taco. The flavor of the snack was not up to par, despite the fact that Doritos were brightly colored.

    5. Soft Taco Supreme

    We Have Sampled Every Taco at Taco Bell, and This One Is the Best

    Because it could be rolled up like a burrito and all of the flavors could be mixed in one bite, the Soft Taco Supreme had a far more satisfying flavor than the standard Soft Taco. It appeared that the sour cream assisted in bringing out the nuances in the beef, and the tomatoes offered a blast of acidity that was very much required.

    6. Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco

    This taco managed to outscore its superior sibling by one point, but it suffered from the same shortcomings as its sibling in that it could not live up to the promise of its eye-catching hue.

    One of the people who tried it said that the flavor of the Doritos shell was dominated by the flavor of the spicy beef, which made it not very different from a traditional taco. It did come in a beautiful sleeve with the Doritos brand on it, which could have helped prevent some of the sogginesses.

    7. Crunchy Taco Supreme

    We Have Sampled Every Taco at Taco Bell, and This One Is the Best

    The addition of all the tasty extras, such as sour cream and tomatoes, to the supreme version of the crispy taco, pushed it a few notches higher in the ratings. To reiterate, due to the fact that it disintegrated after only a few nibbles, you are essentially dealing with a taco salad.

    8. Cheesy Gordita Crunch

    Although it appeared to be delicious, this double-shelled taco, much like its cousin, had an exterior that was way too doughy, and the layer of melted cheese that covered it was appallingly thin, in contrast to the photo on the website. The tasters were unable to get past this and made comments such as “too much shell!” and “not enough meat-to-shell ratio.”

    9. Chalupa Supreme

    We Have Sampled Every Taco at Taco Bell, and This One Is the Best

    Each bite of the delectable Chalupa Supreme had a texture that was almost magically crunchy yet soft, and it was stuffed with spicy pork, sour cream, lettuce, and tomato. The flavor and consistency of this taco were deemed to be in perfect harmony by the panel of tasters. These thick tacos were able to withstand being handled and having their ingredients rearranged, and they maintained their crunchiness throughout the dinner.

    10. Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa

    If you haven’t sampled Taco Bell’s Chipotle Cheddar Chalupa, which was introduced at the end of the previous year, then you haven’t had the chain’s food. Every mouthful of this crispy, creamy, and spicy mixture delivers everything you could desire from a taco.

    It featured all of the fantastic components of the Chalupa Supreme, including that logic-defying crispy yet tender shell, and it also had an added chipotle sauce that hovered at just the right level of spiciness to make people want more of it. Because of how delicious it was, they really ought to get rid of the crispy taco and simply put everything inside of a chalupa shell instead.

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