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The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    There is no doubting the fact that soup is enjoyed all around the world. Soup is one of the few versatile dishes that can be enjoyed in a cup or a bowl, at home or on the move, and the flavor is outstanding no matter the environment in which it is consumed.

    The following statistics bear this out: Research that was conducted in 2017 by Campbell’s Soup Company, the company that pioneered the production of canned soup, found that an astounding 95% of individuals either enjoy soup or love it. According to the findings of this survey, millennials came in first position as the largest generation, declaring themselves to be major soup aficionados at a rate of 64 percent.

    Even though there is nothing quite like boiling your own soup at home, we came up with a list of places where you can either order in (or enjoy out) a nice bowl of soup. While there is nothing quite like simmering your own soup at home, there are plenty of other options. This list is ideal for those times when you might not feel like you have enough time or energy to get everything done.

    1. Alabama: Birmingham Breadworks in Birmingham

    The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    Birmingham Breadworks is a warm and inviting neighborhood cafe located directly in the historic Southside neighborhood of Birmingham. To prepare the items on its menu, Birmingham Breadworks only makes use of natural products. Their vegetarian cream of tomato soup, which is made with tomatoes, smoky paprika, and cream, is consistently ranked as one of the most highly appreciated items on their menu.

    2. Alaska: Snow City Cafe in Anchorage

    Since 1998, Snow City Cafe, located in the middle of Anchorage, has been providing sustenance to the local population. If you visit, you shouldn’t leave without ordering some of their grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup, which Yelp users have praised as “outstanding” and “just the right portion for a cold day” respectively.

    3. Arizona: Flower Child in Scottsdale

    The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    The restaurant chain Flower Child is well-known for the straightforward yet scrumptious and nutritious fare that it serves at its various locations across the United States. If you ever find yourself in their neck of the woods, you absolutely must partake in their rotating daily soup selection. This selection comprises fan favorites like mushroom and beef barley, as well as chicken tortilla, and it is not to be missed.

    4. Arkansas: Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese in Fayetteville

    The grilled cheese sandwiches at Hammontree’s are legendary, but the restaurant’s tomato soup is also rather delicious. Try one of their 15 unique takes on the classic grilled cheese sandwich alongside a bowl of one of their delectable soups, which have flavors like tomato basil, black bean tortilla, and spinach gorgonzola, among others.

    5. California: Han Bat Sul Lung Tang in Los Angeles

    The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    People go to great lengths in order to obtain a taste of Han Bat Sul Lung Tang’s Korean soups, which are renowned for being flawlessly made and providing an unparalleled level of comfort. The traditional Korean oxtail soup is the most popular item on the menu, but the beef brisket, ox bone, and beef tongue dishes are also getting people talking about the restaurant. On Yelp, they have over 2,300 ratings, and each one averages 4.5 stars. There is a good explanation for this.

    6. Colorado: The Bagel Deli and Restaurant in Denver

    The Bagel Deli and Restaurant has been producing food that is dependably great for many decades; in fact, it has been regarded as Denver’s best deli for the past 53 years and continues to hold this title. Their homemade matzo ball soup, which can be ordered in either a cup or a bowl, is one of the delicacies on the menu that has customers coming back for more.

    7. Connectcut: The Soup Girl in Hamden

    The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    You name the soup, and The Soup Girl in Hamden is likely serving it at some point during the day. Options can include spicy tomato posole, golden split pea, or chicken noodle soup. This cozy establishment on Whitney Avenue serves up four unique soups on a daily basis, and the menu always includes at least one option that is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or people avoiding gluten.

    One reviewer couldn’t say enough good things about the restaurant, exclaiming, “The soups are always fresh and tasty; I’ve loved every flavor I’ve tried so far.” Additionally, there is never an absence of ingredients, and the soups are never excessively watery.

    8. Delware: Ramen Kumamoto in Newark

    The senior chefs at Ramen Kumamoto, each of whom has more than 20 years of expertise in the world of fine dining, have perfected the technique of making the most delicious bowl of ramen possible. The restaurant’s signature dish, ramen, is created using a flavorful broth that has been cooked for 48 hours and handmade noodles that are crafted one at a time using traditional methods.

    Several reviews extol the restaurant’s variety of offerings, with one noting that it is “a true gem in Newark full of options and flavors.” As a vegan, I really appreciate that there are a lot of different options. My friend’s husband, who is a meat eater, always comes up with something incredible.

    9. Florida: Mondongo’s in Doral

    The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    Ajiaco, a typical Colombian soup that consists of chicken, potatoes, and corn on the cob, is one of Mondongo’s most popular go-to’s. It is also one of the most popular soups in Colombia.

    It goes exceptionally well with either an arepa or an order of their delicious fried plantains. If you go to Mondongo’s, you might come out feeling the same way as this Yelp reviewer who exclaimed, “I had the ajiaco and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I can assure you that I will be placing another order for this dish!

    10. Georgia: The General Muir in Atlanta

    The General Muir in Georgia, which is inspired by the traditional Jewish delicatessens of New York City, creates some of the most delicious matzo ball soup in the area. One reviewer was so impressed with

    The General Muir’s that they took two orders to go and wrote: “My wife makes delicious Matzoh Ball soup, don’t tell her but The General Muir’s was the best I’ve had.” You can savor it alongside your choice of a veggie Reuben or double stack burger from their menu.

    11. Hawaii: Wagaya in Honolulu

    The Most Delicious Soup in Each and Every State

    Wagaya, which literally translates as “Our Home” in Japanese, is a warm and inviting neighborhood restaurant that serves bowls of piping hot ramen. Although you can’t go wrong with any dish you choose, Yelp reviewers recommend giving their vegetarian ramen and gyodashi shoyu ramen a try. In addition, even though the broth itself contains traces of gluten, they do provide an alternative in the form of gluten-free noodles made from sweet potato starch.

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