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The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    1. Minestrone Soup

    The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    Minestrone is a classic Italian vegetable broth found on the menu of virtually every Italian restaurant. Minestrone is typically made with seasonal vegetables such as squash, zucchini, potatoes, and green beans, along with tomatoes, cannellini beans, small pasta noodles, and tomatoes.

    2. Chicken Noodle Soup

    Most chicken noodle soup recipes begin with celery, carrots, and onions, along with roasted chicken and egg noodles in a substantial chicken broth. Herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and garlic are frequently used to enhance the flavor of dishes.

    3. Italian Wedding Soup

    Contrary to popular belief, Italian wedding soup is not served at nuptials. This soup’s name is derived from the Italian phrase minestra marital, which means “married soup” and alludes to how well the soup “marries” the flavors of greens and meat.

    4. Tomato Soup

    The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    Considered one of the best comfort dishes in the United States, traditional tomato soup is made by blanching tomatoes until soft, removing their skins, and then blending the tomatoes until smooth. Some recipes also include cream, cooked tomato chunks, and additional herbs and seasonings.

    5. New England Clam Chowder

    New England clam chowder is a cream-based soup with potatoes, clam broth, and cooked mussels that can be found throughout Boston and on most restaurant menus on Fridays as the soup du jour. It is a close relative of Manhattan clam chowder, which is prepared with a broth-based on tomatoes.

    6. Chicken Soup

    The term “chicken soup” refers to a category of soups (including chicken noodle) prepared by simmering chicken in water to create a flavorful broth. Long considered a remedy for cold and flu symptoms, the warm broth of homemade chicken soup recipes can help break up congestion and has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve sore, aching throats. Due to the versatility of chicken broth, it can be prepared in a Crock-Pot, Instant Pot, or on the stovetop.

    7. Cioppino

    Cioppino is a savory fish stew that was created by Italian immigrants in San Francisco. This tomato-based soup is prepared with an assortment of seafood, including crab, clams, shrimp, squid, fish, and mussels. Instead of pasta, toasted bread is typically served with cioppino to help sop up the flavorful broth.

    8. Beer Cheese Soup

    The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    This popular broth is a modern take on traditional German beer soup. This roux-based, creamy soup contains beer and a substantial amount of melted cheddar. Traditional beer broth is typically served with stale bread, but this contemporary version is topped with pretzels, croutons, or even seasoned popcorn.

    9. Chicken Tortilla Soup

    Nobody knows who invented the first serving of chicken tortilla soup, but the majority of experts believe it originated in Mexico. Chicken tortilla soup is typically garnished with sour cream, sliced chilies, and avocado. It is traditionally prepared with fried maize tortilla pieces in a spicy chicken broth containing tomatoes, garlic, onion, and assorted chilies.

    10. French Onion Soup

    French onion soup, which was invented in Paris in the 18th century by simmering caramelized onions in red wine and beef broth, is renowned for being topped with large croutons, an abundance of Gruyere cheese, and baked to melty magnificence.

    11. Manhattan Clam Chowder

    Manhattan clam chowder is a tomato-based broth that contains cooked clams, peppers, celery, and carrots. It is closely related to New England clam chowder, which is prepared with a broth based on cream. It was created by Portuguese immigrants who preferred tomatoes in their soups and stews over milk or cream.

    12. Gazpacho

    The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    Not every broth is served hot. Gazpacho is one of the most well-known cold soups; it is a raw, blended vegetable broth popular in Spain and Portugal. Traditional gazpacho includes tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, garlic, expired bread, olive oil, and wine vinegar as common ingredients.

    13. Cream of Chicken Soup

    Although some people only associate cream of chicken soup with a glob of canned mush, cream of chicken soup is so much more. Chicken, carrots, potatoes, and cream cheese are used to create homemade versions of this soup extra thick and creamy.

    14. Tortellini Soup

    Typically, the basis of tortellini soup is either tomato or cream. Vegetarian versions typically include seasonal vegetables such as green beans, tomatoes, or squash, whereas meat-based versions typically include Italian sausage or chicken.

    15. Beef & Barley Soup

    Barley is an often-overlooked grain that is rich in nutrients and the primary component of barley broth. This grain-rich stock is cooked in beef broth with vegetables such as carrots, celery, and onions. Some recipes also include tender beef stew meat.

    16. Navy Bean and Ham Soup

    The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    This soup is a timeless classic that many seem to overlook. It’s an excellent method to utilize leftover meat and ham bones from a Christmas ham. This broth was popular on U.S. Navy ships in the early 20th century, hence its name.

    17. Butternut Squash Soup

    There is nothing more autumnal than a bowl of this velvety smooth broth. Butternut squash soup recipes typically include apples, pancetta, or heavy cream for added flavor and richness.

    18. Corn Chowder

    While clam chowder may reign supreme in Boston, corn chowder is a national favorite. This thick, cream-based soup substitutes sweet, tender corn kernels for clams and is sometimes prepared with fresh corn stock derived from corn cobs boiled in water for additional flavor.

    19. Split Pea Soup

    The vibrant green hue of this soup may be shocking to some, but split pea soup recipes have been served by the Greeks and Romans since antiquity. While fresh peas are frequently added to this soup, the base is prepared by boiling dried, split peas (similar to lentils) until tender and then pureeing them.

    20. Chicken and Rice Soup

    The Essential Soup Varieties Every Home Cook Must Know

    If you don’t like noodles, try a bowl of chicken and rice broth. Typically prepared with a wild rice blend, the rice imparts flavor and a distinct texture to the broth. While the majority of chicken and rice dishes are prepared with chicken broth, some add a splash of milk for a creamy variation.

    21. Mulligatawny Soup

    This is not a misunderstanding. Mulligatawny soup, pronounced muh-luh-guh-taa-nee, originated in southern Indian cuisine and is popular in the United Kingdom. Typically, lentils, tomatoes, apples, coconut, and Indian seasonings such as garam masala and ginger are used to prepare this soup. In India, vegetarian variants are prevalent, while other recipes include chicken, lamb, or mutton.

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