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The Best Soups to Eat on a Rainy Day

    The Best Soups to Eat on a Rainy Day

    1. Hearty Minestrone Soup

    Free photo pumpkin soup topped with pepper and herbs

    If you ask any true soup enthusiast, they will confirm what you already know to be true: soup season continues throughout the entire year. Over one-third of respondents to an exclusive poll conducted by Tasting Table picked chicken noodle soup as their all-time favorite comfort food, but there are a lot of other options out there that are just as easy to cook and provide the same level of coziness.

    A simple combination of ham and beans is like getting a giant hug in a bowl, and the fragrant ginger and a hint of chile that is found in Tom Yum soup can help clear your nasal passages and perk you up when you’re feeling lethargic throughout the winter.

    You would generally reach for a can when you’re in need of comfort, but you’d be surprised at how simple it is to make a large batch of soup on the cheap that you can serve to a group of people (or even just to yourself). We have compiled 41 of our most delicious recipes in order to “stir the pot” and get your creative juices flowing in the right direction.

    2. Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

    Unquestionably a flavor bomb, this Thai chicken noodle soup is laden with flavorful ingredients such as lemongrass, coconut milk, red chili pepper, mushrooms, rice noodles, and more. Its flavor profile is unlike any of the other chicken-based soups that you have in your repertoire (such as chicken noodles, chicken vegetables, etc.), making it an enjoyable change of pace.

    In your usual rotation, tried-and-true favorites have likely won a permanent place for a good cause, but if you feel like you need something new to spice things up a bit, look no further than this creamy and zesty dish.

    3. Classic Potato Leek Soup

    The Best Soups to Eat on a Rainy Day

    This classic French dish is ideal for the spring when leeks are at their peak flavor and availability (beginning in early June). The foundation flavor comes from the leeks, and additional ingredients include potatoes, garlic, vegetable broth, and a few herbs and spices that you probably already have in your kitchen. As a result, this recipe is both nutritious and cost-effective.

    The fact that this soup is puréed serves a dual purpose, both in the gastronomic and the practical senses of the word. Upset stomach? This silky and mellow soup is very easy to digest. Have you just recently had your wisdom teeth extracted? There is no need to chew anything. Serve this dish with crusty bread to round out the meal, or portion it out into smaller bowls and offer it as a side dish alongside steamed fish or poultry to round out the meal.

    4. Hearty Peanut Butter Soup

    You did hear us correctly. This dish demonstrates that peanut butter can be used for more than just apple slices and lunch sandwiches; it can also take your soup to the next level if you add it.

    As part of this dish’s preparation, a sweet-and-savory spread is combined with sweet potatoes and jalapenos to create a dish with a nuanced flavor profile that is certain to leave dinner guests talking (and inspired). The addition of red pepper, coconut milk, and curry powder completes the dish, turning it into a soup that is genuinely unlike any other.

    To round out the meal, accompany the main course with some crackers that are packed with crunchy seeds and a smoky mezcal drink, such as an Oaxaca Old Fashioned.

    5. Sizzling Rice Soup

    Free photo delicious soup on black bowl

    This dish creates a delightful soup by combining shrimp and chicken with a number of other ingredients that are rich in fiber, such as baby bok choy, mushrooms, and snow peas. The end result is a soup that will leave you feeling both satisfied and energized. The crispy rice, which has first been baked in the oven and then fried in oil, is what really sets this meal apart from others.

    The aesthetically and aurally amazing presentation takes the dish to an entirely new level as the boiling hot grains begin to sizzle in the soup. This recipe is not only delicious, but it is also an excellent method to make even the most finicky eaters and children more interested in eating their vegetables.

    6. Spicy Black Bean Soup

    Attention, all of you who enjoy eating things with a lot of heat: if you believe the stereotype that soup is merely soothing and uninteresting, you need to rethink that. In this recipe, chipotle pepper, adobo sauce, and red pepper flakes are combined to create a dish that packs a powerful punch of heat and is ideal for a backyard barbeque or a party at a tailgate. The addition of black beans creates a meaty mouthful, while paprika, lime juice, and red bell pepper give the dish a tangy, spicy finish.

    This soup is somewhat similar to chili, yet it also stands on its own as an entirely unique dish. Add some diced avocado, grated gouda or sharp cheddar cheese, and chopped fresh cilantro to the top of the dish. Cornbread and a Mexican lager with a full-bodied flavor should be served alongside it.

    7. Classic Broccoli Cheddar Soup

    The Best Soups to Eat on a Rainy Day

    This bread-dipping soup might very well be the best of the bunch in our selection. This soup is a one-stop shop for any foodie looking to make a supper that is both hearty and comforting for a large group of people. It is creamy, seasoned, and bulked up with diced potato.

    The fact that everything is cooked in a single pot result in a dinner that requires very less attention from the cook and requires less effort to clean up after. Additionally, it is hardy enough to maintain its quality even when stored in the freezer. (That is, assuming there are any leftovers left to begin with.)

    8. Portuguese Kale Soup

    This Portuguese kale soup is a terrific way to get a serving of green vegetables into your diet during the cooler months, but at the same time, it is light enough to satiate throughout the springtime. It requires only thirty-five minutes of your time to put together and mix chorizo, kale, potatoes, chicken broth, and garlic to produce a healthy bowlful that can be eaten immediately.

    This soup is not difficult to make, and it won’t break the bank. It also keeps well in the refrigerator, so you can prepare a large quantity of it on the weekend and enjoy it for lunches during the week.

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